Murray Cormack Associates are designers of the highly successful 15m round bilge semi displacement Talisman 49 hull form developed in 1974 with the first commercial version launched in 1975 as a 20 knot twin screw pilot launch. More than sixty Talisman hulls have been built to date, primarily for the commercial market as pilot, patrol and survey launches. The class is also in service with the Royal Navy, MOD Army and Guardia di Finanza.

Murray Cormack Associates DesignThe success of the Talisman 49 spawned the North 40/45 and 58/65 models, also produced in frp, together with several derivatives in wood and alloy construction.

The 20m North 65 was selected for arduous service in some of the most exposed waters found around the UK coast at the Sullom Voe Oil terminal at Shetland where two examples of the design have been in continuous service since 1976.

At the Scapa Flow Oil port in Orkney the pilotage service has been provided by two North 58 pilot launches operating in the notorious waters of the Pentland Firth.

The North 65/58 design has provided the commercial market with a large capacity hull capable of operating at speeds up to 25 knots as an all-weather pilot or patrol launch.

Our design portfolio also includes steel and aluminium vessels covering a wide range of activities and operating environments. Standard models include:

  • NorthBay 15 and 17 displacement steel hulls
  • North 1050, 1400 and 1500 aluminium chine hulls
  • North 665 and 750 fast aluminium workboat.

Polar Bound
Custom designed one-offs include:

  • The massively structured Arctic expedition vessel Polar Bound which has to date completed four voyages through the North West Passage including hauling out and wintering on the beach in Cambridge Bay.
  • The compact 17m steel passenger and stern-loading cargo ferry Graemsay
  • FRP tank structures for UK-built submarine rescue vehicles
  • Steel yacht storage cradles designed to survive wind speeds up to 100 knots.
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