Murray, Cormack Associates offer a range of consultancy services, mostly to the commercial and legal sectors, but also to the individual. These include the following:

Expert Witness

We number several marine law specialists among our regular clients, and act for them by providing technical support in various pleasure or commercial marine litigation matters.

Accident Investigation, Materials and
Failure AnalysisFailure analysisCondition Surveys

We have access to high quality laboratory facilities, supplying back-up to our expertise in the marine environment. Investigation of mechanical failures, boat sinkings, mooring failures, new-build problems and personal injury.

Yacht Storage Cradle Failure Analysis

Cradle Failure AnalysisCradle Failure Analysis

We specialise in the investigation and analysis of yacht storage system failures and have provided this service for yachts stored throughout the UK and Europe since 1995. Various types of yacht support arrangements can be analysed to determine the mode and reasons for failure. Windage Graph

Feasibility Studies and Commercial Valuations

We have, over the years, produced confidential feasibility and commercial valuation reports on various proposals. Our detailed knowledge of Scottish waters and awareness of the requirements of island communities, combined with our design capabilities and technical background, enable us to comment objectively on marine-related projects.

ConsultancyArbitration, Mediation and Disputes

The trained and practical approach of the partners can resolve a dispute between parties without entering into a lengthy and expensive litigation process, where the outcome often proves less than satisfactory for both parties.

MCA Code of Practice

We are authorised by the YDSA  Certifying Authority to carry out compliance examinations and spot checks on small vessels in commercial use for sport or pleasure, workboats and pilot boats.

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